Coaching Education Reimbursement Policy

Kings Hammer Soccer Club will implement the following policy regarding reimbursement for all Directors and Coaches who wish to take a coaching course or continuous education course/session.

The following protocol must be adhered to when asking for reimbursement:

  • USSF Courses (E License, D License, C License, etc…) must take precedence over NSCAA courses until completed to meet minimum coaching guidelines required by state associations and various leagues (MRL, OSSL, KPL).
  • Any KHSC Coach or Director seeking reimbursement for a coaching course must send an email at least 30 days in advance of course to the Men’s or Women’s Executive Director requesting reimbursement.  Email must include Course level, Date of Course, Location, and cost of course.
  • Once approved by the Executive Director, individual will sign up and pay for the course.
  • Individual will attend the course or reimbursement will not be granted.
  • Upon successful completion and verification of passing the course, the individual will submit receipt, expense form and certificate indicating successful completion and passing of the course to the Executive Director.
  • Once this paperwork has been submitted, KHSC will issue ½ of the fee reimbursement for the first year.
  • The 2nd half of the reimbursement will be issued after the coach has remained with the club for two years from the end date of the course.
  • The reimbursement is only for the amount of the course.  It does not include mileage, hotel, airfare, or meals.  The A, B, and C courses should all include lodging and meals in their course fee.

KHSC will reimburse up to one license per seasonal year for Directors and coaches wishing to upgrade their licenses as long as it meets the criteria established above.  Any additional licenses an individual wishes to take during the seasonal year will be under the financial responsibility of said individual.  This is to ensure that the club meets the budget guidelines during the specified seasonal year for education of all directors and staff.