Hotel Information

Kings Hammer SC and PYB Sports are committed to providing all teams with a great experience.  Your team’s hotel accommodations are important to us.  We have partnered with area hotels to provide the best options and prices.  This is a “STAY TO PLAY” event requiring all teams traveling more than 100 miles to book their rooms thru PYB Sports. 

Teams are required to:

  1. Create a team hotel block via the supplied hotel link – link will be emailed to you from PYB Sports upon acceptance
  2. Each family will have 7 days to make their reservation within the team’s hotel block once created (teams are not in compliance with the Stay to Play policy until a minimum of 7 reservations have been made)

PLEASE note that this event requires a Two Night Minimum Stay for all guests regardless of game schedule. A two night stay is considered to be 2 consecutive nights at the same hotel.  Local clubs traveling less than 100 miles are not required to use hotel accommodations. However, if you need a hotel, please contact PYB Sports and they will assist any individuals needing a room.  If you have any housing questions please contact Lindsay ( at PYB Sports.