Collecting Gently Used Soccer Cleats for Kids in South America

“Ginga Joy: Free Kicks for Kids” is a program that collects gently used soccer cleats that are no longer used anymore and donates them to kids in South America. Many of these kids dream of playing professional soccer, but cannot afford the equipment. Help make their dream a reality by donating today! To donate, drop off the “kicks” (i.e., cleats or flats) to me or at one of our donation centers listed below.  You can also email me at  and send a picture of you and your “kicks” so I can put on the website! I will package up the “kicks” and get them to children in need in South America. 

Michael Wampler: My Story: 
I am Michael Wampler, 15, from Cincinnati, Ohio. I was inspired by living 5 years in Venezuela, playing futsal, my family in Peru, seeing the Pele movie with his team “the shoeless ones” and playing soccer in Costa Rica.  I also translate Thank You letters from Spanish to English from under privileged Nicaraguan families that want to thank their Cincinnati donors.  Through these experiences, I realized that some children who love soccer or “futbol” as they call it in South America have no cleats to use when they want to play the game.  Many of these kids play in their bare feet.  I realized there must be something that I can do to help boys like me (and girls) that want to play and love this “Beautiful Game” as Pele calls it.  I picked the name “Ginga” because it means the soul of Brazilian futbol.  People that play “Ginga” have incredible foot skill and play the game with all of their heart and soul. I played with and against kids in South America who would at times all kneel down before a game and put their hands up in the air to salute the Lord before they would play in his honor. This experience was incredibly moving and motivated me to try and do something to help in some small way. I also wanted to convey in the name of the program that these kids play with so much fun in their hearts or “Joy”.  That’s how “Ginga Joy: Free Kicks for Kids” was born.

Donation Centers
St. Xavier High School
Soccer Village Anderson
Nothin but Net Anderson
Game On: 6630 Hamilton Avenue