Chief Operating Officer: Kevin McCloskey |
Chief Marketing Officer: Kevin Butler |

Director of Soccer Operations: Vince Gentile |
Academy Girl's Director: Chris Black |
Academy Boy's Director: James Thomas |

Central Girl's Youth Director: Ryan Handbury  |
Central Boy's Youth Director: Michael Ratliff |
Central Pre-Academy Director: Paul Nicholson |

South Director of Coaching: Simon Wigley |

East Program Contact: Vince Gentile |
Bluegrass General Manager & Technical Director: Dan Ensley |
Bluegrass Director of Coaching: Brandon Cummons |
Bluegrass Assistant Director of Coaching: Mike Hayes |

College Recruitment Coordinator: Tony Capurro |

Juniors Director: Michelle Okumura |
Senior Director of Events: Dave McIver |
Tournament Director: Lisa McIver |