Pre-School & After School Program

Kings Hammer Little Lions is a program offered for new and beginner players to introduce kids, ages 3-5 and 5-7, to the game of soccer. Led by KH Staff, each session is 30 minutes long and are held at your child’s pre-school, daycare, or after-school provider over six or eight weeks. Using soccer as a tool to help kids reach various physical and cognitive development milestones, the program also promotes self-confidence and fosters the love of the game. 

Pre-School Program:
Offered for kids, ages 3-5, who have not started kindergarten. The program includes gross motor skill development and ball mastery.

After School Program:
Offered for kids, ages 5-7, who are enrolled in K-2nd grades. The program includes ball mastery, passing and receiving, ball striking, speed and agility with and without the ball, and 1v1 play.

Cost: costs vary by location

Kings Hammer provides all equipment. If children want to practice at home, consider purchasing a size 1 skills ball or a siize 3 soccer ball for these ages. 

For more information or to get Little Lions at your pre-school, daycare, or after-school provider please contact Michelle Okumura at