Updating Credit Card Online

To update credit card information for automatic installments you can do it yourself (following the instructions below) or you can call and speak with Nikki to do it over the phone.

Please note: The RosterPro system does not work well on mobile devices or with Internet Explorer. Please try accessing your account using a home computer with either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

  1. After you log in to RosterPro, click on "My Household Information"
  2. Click on "View Registration Order History"
  3. You will then select the order (on the left) that corresponds to the registration where a credit card needs to be updated/entered.
  4. Click on the blue "Edit Payment Info" button (right hand side) and enter your credit card information. Please note: If you have missed a payment, updating the information will automatically run your card for the missed amount.

If you have any questions about this or need assistance entering your information, please contact Nikki either via phone (859)442-5800 or at nikki@kingshammer.com.