Anti-Bullying Policy

Kings Hammer Soccer Club (KHSC) is committed to providing players a fun, positive, and secure environment in which to learn and enjoy the game of soccer. We do not tolerate bullying at any practice,...

Attendance Policy

Kings Hammer Soccer Club (KHSC) players are expected to attend practice; however, we understand that certain scheduling conflicts may make attendance at a given practice impossible. This policy is...

Coaches Code of Conduct

Acceptance of hiring by Kings Hammer Soccer Club (KHSC) is a privilege that carries with it certain obligations.  The following agreement is made between the KHSC staff, its players, and...

Coaching Education Reimbursement Policy

Kings Hammer Soccer Club (KHSC) will implement the following policy regarding reimbursement for all Directors and Coaches who wish to take a coaching course or continuing education...

Electronic Communication Policy

Kings Hammer Soccer Club (KHSC) recognizes that the internet, social media, and other electronic communication tools such as text messaging have become prevalent and effective means of personal and...

Fundraising Policy

Team fundraising projects can play an important role in enabling teams to minimize the cost of tournament travel and/or other team-related events.  Typically, team fundraisers fall into four...

Field Request Procedures

Kings Hammer Central/South Fields
Requests Schedules
Town & Country Town & Country
Tower Park Tower Park
Pendery Park Pendery Park

Kings Hammer Sycamore Fields
Requests Schedules
Sycamore Sycamore

Kings Hammer North Fields
Requests Schedules
North North


Guest Playing Policy

It is the desire and policy of Kings Hammer Soccer Club (KHSC) to provide every opportunity possible for players to train and play competitive games. We respect and appreciate the desire of each...

Harassment Policy

Kings Hammer Soccer Club (KHSC) disapproves of sexual and other harassment of any employee whether it is by a co-worker, a manager, a guest, a member, or a vendor. Sexual advances, requests for sexual...

Injury Notification Form

Click here to fill out the injury notification form.

Non-Solicitation Policy

It is the policy of Kings Hammer Soccer Club (KHSC) to prohibit solicitation and/or distribution on its “premises” or through any electronic media without the expressed written approval of the KHSC...

Parent / Player Code of Conduct

Acceptance of membership by Kings Hammer Soccer Club (KHSC) is a privilege that carries with it certain responsibilities.  Players and parents are expected to engage in the highest standards of...

Payment Information

The Kings Hammer Soccer Club fees are based on a full soccer year and are set to balance the growth of our Soccer Club with the needs of our soccer-athletes...

Tournament Hotel Policy

Why do we have to stay at certain hotels for two nights?
It has been common practice for many years for clubs hosting tournaments to require clubs applying to their tournaments to stay at selected

Travel Reimbursement Policy

It is expected that all Kings Hammer Soccer Club (KHSC) personnel, regardless of their financial situation or capabilities, will use the system described below for reimbursement of DoCs and Team...

Weather Policy

Hot Weather Policy
The risk of heat-related illness from vigorous sports activity increases with the temperature. The body generates heat which cannot be dissipated readily when the ambient