Coaches Code of Conduct

Acceptance of hiring by Kings Hammer Soccer Club (KHSC) is a privilege that carries with it certain obligations.  The following agreement is made between the KHSC staff, its players, and their parents.

Responsibilities of Coach:

  • Coaches are expected to conduct themselves  in a professional manner at all times while representing KHSC and not bring discredit upon the organization
  • Coaches shall refrain from using profanity during games or practices
  • Coaches will show respect toward referees, opposing players, coaches, and fans.  They will not harass, abuse, or berate a referee for any reason
  • Attendance at training and all games is expected
  • Coaches should come prepared for each training sessions
  • Coaches should be on time (which is early) for all training sessions and games
  • Coaches are expected to show respect for all other coaches and adhere to all club policies
  • Coaches will coach within the spirit and Laws of the Game
  • Coaches should always maintain the highest standard of conduct and good sportsmanship and expect the same from players and parents
  • Coaches are expected to wear KHSC gear during training and games
  • Use or possession of any illegal drug substance or illegal activity of any kind will not be tolerated
  • Use of tobacco products of any kind during training sessions or games is prohibited
  • Coaches shall maintain a professional relationship with all player’s parents and avoid confrontation immediately following a game (24-hour rule)
  • Coaches shall communicate often and clearly with parents and players
  • Coaches should have limited interaction with players on any social media outlets- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • Coaches shall never discuss another player with a parent who is not related to that child
  • Coaches are to return all phone calls and/or emails within a 48 hour period
  • It is our responsibility to be as forthcoming and honest as possible in all situations
  • Coaches shall avoid “reply all” email chains with concerns and shall call the parents directly to discuss concerns
  • Coaches should create a positive and safe learning environment for all players
  • Coaches should always strive to foster a love of the game and encourage players to give back to the game and community 

I recognize my responsibility to abide by the KHSC code of conduct and as a member of the Club, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to such.  Any violations of the coach's code of conduct may be grounds for suspension or dismissal of a coach from the Club.  All disciplinary action is the responsibility of the Director of Coaching.  Suspensions and terminations may be appealed.