Guest Playing Policy

It is the desire and policy of Kings Hammer Soccer Club (KHSC) to provide every opportunity possible for players to train and play competitive games. We respect and appreciate the desire of each individual player to compete and have fun. Our schedules, based on a Fall and Spring season, allow players to get the reward of a game and provides for the appropriate rest necessary for players to always perform at their optimum levels. Within those parameters, KHSC has implemented the following guest playing policy.

Guest Playing Within the Club

Obviously, this is the preferred option to exercise when seeking any guest playing opportunities. Each of our teams will play 3 - 5 tournaments a year (Aug - June) and participate in at least one (1) league. Not all of these tournaments and leagues are the same for all teams, thus providing numerous chances for players to get an extra game within our Club.

If you would like to guest play and your team is not playing in any one particular league, tournament or showcase, the player and parent should contact the respective Director who will contact the Executive Director to inquire about the possibility of approval for guest playing. Keep in mind that as players get hurt, sick, or travel with family, DoCs will always be looking within KHSC for players to complement a team and to help them in any one game/event.

Guest Playing With Another Club/Team

We understand that everyone wants to play as much as possible. We also understand that many of us have friends in other clubs. Again, although we do our very best to give players every opportunity possible to play, we also provide them with ample rest and recovery time. Many times when a player wants to guest play with another club or team it is at the expense of this rest.

The one stipulation that KHSC has with guest playing for another Club is that no KHSC player can guest play for another team that is playing a KHSC team.

Given that, KHSC will allow players to guest play provided the following occurs at least one week prior to the event.

  1. The player and family ask the appropriate DoC about playing. Prior to asking, the player and family need to ensure that their KHSC team is not playing that weekend. DoCs will not allow you to guest play within our club or outside of it if your team has a game/tournament that weekend.
  2. The coach of the other team (not PA) must contact the appropriate DoC to ask permission.
  3. Lastly, no KHSC Parent Administrator will directly hand any player/family their player card if they have not completed the above two steps.
  4. The Player card will be checked-out for 72 hours.  

Guest playing with another team can be a great experience for the player and can help a team that is in a tough situation. But, given certain Ohio South Youth Soccer and Kentucky Youth Soccer Association rules concerning the number of games a player can play and our philosophy on player development, we do our best to provide the best ratio of training to games possible.

For any questions regarding the Guest Playing Policy, you may contact your Director of Coaching.