Non-Solicitation Policy

It is the policy of Kings Hammer Soccer Club (KHSC) to prohibit solicitation and/or distribution on its “premises” or through any electronic media without the expressed written approval of the KHSC Board of Directors.  

“Premises” is construed liberally and includes any facility at which KHSC teams train or practice, participate in matches, or otherwise meet for KHSC purposes. 

Kings Hammer SC limits solicitation and distribution on its premises or through any electronic media because, when left unrestricted, such activities can interfere with the normal operations of KHSC, can be detrimental to efficiency, can be annoying, and can pose a threat to the reputation of KHSC. All persons are prohibited from soliciting funds or signatures; conducting membership drives; posting; distributing literature or gifts; offering to sell or to purchase merchandise or services; or engaging in any other solicitation, distribution, or similar activity on KHSC premises or to KHSC members unless written approval is provided by the Board of Directors in advance of any such solicitation or distribution. 

The sale of merchandise is limited to KHSC-sponsored uniform and spirit wear partners as well as KHSC-sponsored events.  All other sales of merchandise is prohibited. 

Also, all persons are prohibited from using the KHSC name, tournament names, or logos (or derivation of) to promote their own solicitation.  

All persons are not to forward any e-mail or other electronic communications or solicitations unless directed by the Board of Directors.