Weather Policy

Hot Weather Policy
The risk of heat-related illness from vigorous sports activity increases with the temperature. The body generates heat which cannot be dissipated readily when the ambient temperature exceeds 85 degrees F, depending upon the humidity. Hot weather is considered at any point where the Heat Index reaches or exceeds 90. Coaches should follow the following procedures based on conditions:

  • Heat Index up to 89°: Normal Play. Regular hydration patterns
  • Heat index of 90°- 95°: Mandatory water breaks every 20 minutes
  • Heat index of 96°-102°: Mandatory water breaks every 15 minutes
  • Heat index over 103° (at start of training): All outside activity cancelled

Cold Weather Policy
Players are more susceptible to injuries during cold weather, particularly from pulled or torn muscles. Players should be encouraged to wear appropriate clothing to aid body heat retention yet afford adequate movement without creating a safety hazard. As a general rule, training programs will be canceled if the projected temperature (including wind chill) at the start of training is projected to be below 25 degrees Fahrenheit.

Inclement Weather Policy
Rain: All soccer events will be played during rain unless the fields are deemed unplayable and closed by the club (KHSC) or governing league/event.
Thunder/Lightning:  If you see or hear a thunderstorm coming, immediately suspend your game or practice and instruct everyone to go inside a sturdy building or car. Sturdy buildings are the safest place to be. Avoid sheds, picnic shelters, and bleachers. If no sturdy building is nearby, a hard-top vehicle with windows closed will offer some protection. The steel frame of the vehicle provides some protection if you are not touching metal. Outdoor activity should resume 30 minutes after the last sound of thunder or flash of lightning. If inclement weather is in the area, we asked that parents stay close by if the training session or games cancel.
PlayMetrics Alerts for training: We will try to decide before 4pm each day if the weather has impacted the training schedule for the evening ahead. We will update PlayMetrics and send out an alert to teams. Updates for games or events will come directly from the governing body.