Scholarship + Fee Assistance

Kings Hammer SC strives to keep fees as low as possible but still provide quality soccer training. Any families with three children participating can receive a fee reduction for the third child (starting with the least amount). This fee reduction must be requested via email (listing all involved children) to within two weeks of accepting positions

A scholarship to assist with a portion of the Club fees may be available based on financial need. In return, the family is required to perform volunteer service hours for the Club. The scholarship application is available by clicking the link below. The scholarship form is self-explanatory. Scholarships are limited so they are handled on a first-come-first-served basis. Do not delay in sending in your request. Applicants must pay the initial club fee/deposit in order to be considered for a scholarship. A third child paying a reduced fee is not eligible for a scholarship.

In order to receive your scholarship, you MUST first make your deposit payment. 

Kings Hammer Scholarship Form