2019/2020 Academy Boy's Coaches

u11 Red (2009) Paul Nicholson
u11 Blue (2009) Ryan Levesque
u11 Grey (2009) Sion Chamberlain
u12 Red (2008) Paul Nicholson
u12 Blue (2008) Ryan Levesque
u12 Grey (2008) Chris Kaylor
u13 Red (2007) Ryan Handbury
u13 Blue (2007) Ryan Gray
u13 Grey (2007) Patrick West
u14 Red (2006) James Thomas
u14 Blue (2006) Eric Rothwell
u14 Grey (2006) Tim Williams
u15 Red (2005) James Thomas
u15 Blue (2005) Will Taylor
u15 Grey (2005) Keegan Mallot
u16 Red (2004) Sam Miller / Carri Haskins
u16 Blue (2004) Tony Capurro
u16 Grey (2004) TBA
u17 Red (2003) Sam Miller
u17 Blue (2003) Dave Kaylor
u17 Grey (2003) Tony Gray
u18 Red (2002) Eric Rothwell
u18 Blue (2002) Mike Hughes
u19 Red (2001) Blair Stevenson / Terry Nichol


Techne Futbol


The Techne Training System is designed by professional soccer player Yael Averbuch, based on training methods that have allowed her to play at the highest level. While soccer is a team sport, we all know that to be an elite player, it's vital to spend time outside your team environment mastering the tools of your trade. The app provides Academy, Central, East, South, and Bluegrass players with a blueprint to own their development and become a master of the ball.