Select Program FAQs

Kings Hammer Soccer Club wants to provide you and your team with as much support and assistance as possible throughout the soccer year. In order to get started on the "right foot" we have included a list of frequently asked questions and team expectations/code of conduct that all teams within Kings Hammer will follow. Our goal is to make this a positive experience for all players, coaches, and families within the Kings Hammer program.

What are the fees for Select? What is included?
Select player fees for the 2017-2018 seasonal year are $205 per player. This includes player registration fees, GCSL league fee (formerly CUSL), admin fees, coaches gear, and carding and rostering. Fees DO NOT include - uniforms/training gear, tournament fees, league fees outside of CUSL, referee fees, traing or game fields, team trainer or coaches travel expense.

How do the fees differ from Academy/Central/East?
The Select fee pricing offers an ala carte approach for teams to set their own budget that works for them. Academy/Central/East fees are all-inclusive outside of uniform fees and vary based on age group.

When is payment due?
Kings Hammer Select team payments are due upon registration for U8-U19 teams.

When can we hold tryouts for our team?
We ask that Select teams not hold tryouts until the completion of the Central/East program tryouts. For the 2017-2018 season we ask that June 7th be the first tryout date. This may allow teams to find additional players to complete rosters.

Will Kings Hammer help market our tryouts?
Yes, we will post information to our website provided coaches send us the information to post. Please send information to

How do we submit our team roster?
Once you have made your final team selections, you will submit your team roster form (sent to coaches by KHSC) to Dave McIver at and Chrity Siekman at so that we can get your team created in the registration system.

How do we register our players?
Once a team's roster has been submitted, Christy and Nikki will send registration information to team coaches to send out to families. Each family will need to go online and register their child.

Where will my child practice?
This will be determined by your individual team. On occassion, there is training space at Town & Country or Four Seasons that can be rented. This is determined based on the number of Academy/Central/East teams training at those locations. If interested in renting fields for training please contact

How often will our team practice?
This is up to individual teams and coaches. Most teams will train at least twice a week.

What leagues and tournaments will our team participate in during the year?
This is determined by each individual team. Most teams will participate in the GCSL (formerly CUSL) league and local tournaments. Some teams may opt to travel a little more for tournaments.

How do I order my uniform?
Please click here to visit the uniforms and gear page.

How much is the Select uniform package?
For the 2017-2018 season you can expect the select uniform package for required items to be around $100-$125. Families will also have the option to purchase additional items if they choose.

Is there additional coaching support offered by Kings Hammer?
Yes, Kings Hammer will work with select coaches to offer coaching and player clinics at different times throughout the year.

Is there goalkeeper training offered for our goalkeepers/
Select GK's may attend the Central/East GK training for an additional fee. GK training is included in the player fee for our Academy/Central/East teams as a part of their package. If interested in attending GK training please contact