Referee Registration

The Referee Application window is open for the 2021 Kings Hammer Crown Challenge tournament on May 7th-9th, 2021.  If you have not worked for me in the past please send me an email with your experience and comfort level.  For all games U10 9v9-U19  a 3 person referee crew will be utilized, U8-U10 7v7 will use s center referee only.   Games will be at Voice of America Park (West Chester, OH).

  • If you have a GameOfficials account and are a member of my group, all you need to do is follow steps 5-9 below.  If you are a member of multiple groups, please make sure to block your availability for the other groups.   
  • If you have a GameOfficials account and are not a member of my group, you need to join my group.  Group # is 1207 and the Access Code is 2121.  You can then follow steps 5-9 below.     
  • If you do not have a GameOfficials account, you will need to follow all the steps below.

Steps for

  1. Go to
  2. Click on "New Official" on the left menu
  3. Enter Group #: 1207 and Access Code: 2121
  4. Create a User Profile
  5. Click on "My Preferences" under Personal Information
  6. Choose League/Tournament preferences - Crown Challenge
  7. Choose working area Cincinnati and/or NKY for Kings Tournaments, please do not select the other fields if you only work the tournaments in my group.
  8. Click on Misc preferences/notes and enter max # of games per day - this is important, some fields have more than 6 games on Sat and I may have to utilize 2 sets of crews at a field
  9. Click on "Availability" and enter availability. The default setting is set to not available, you will only need to add the time when you are available if you are available all day check the all day box
  10. While in availability click on show advanced options and enter Crew members in the notes section - Please pick a crew leader and use their last name for the crew name.
  11. Concussion certificates are needed for all refs that are not registered in OH.  If you have completed a concussion certificate and sent it to me it is good for 3 years, so no need to re-send it.