What is Volta Futsal?

  • Volta Futsal is the exciting new initiative from Kings Hammer Soccer Club where we aim to provide an opportunity for winter Futsal training and to compete at the highest level locally, regionally, and nationally.
  • Volta Futsal is designed to offer players the highest level futsal training and competition to continue with our focus on providing the best comprehensive player development program in the area.

Where does the name “Volta” come from?

  • “Volta” (Italian) is used to describe a point in time that signals the start of a new pattern.
  • Volta Futsal signifies a turning point in the Kings Hammer Soccer Club player development pathway. We are progressing to the next step in the development of the player by providing an elite level of Futsal exposure.

How does Futsal differ from Soccer, and what are some benefits of Futsal?

  • Futsal is its own sport but shares many similarities to Soccer. Futsal is a 5v5 game played on either an indoor or outdoor hard surface court. The ball is weighted to decrease bounces and encourage players to keep the ball on the ground. Futsal courts do not have walls, as an indoor soccer field might have.
  • Futsal helps players develop quicker critical thinking skills by placing them in tight areas and demanding they are always engaged in the play in all phases. The limited space limits the amount of time the players have on the ball and time to make decisions.
  • Improving “Creativity” in tight spaces.
  • Repetition of technique due to the small field size.
  • No walls mean players are required to be in control of their dribbling, passing, and receiving as well as make quick decisions on and off the ball.
  • Provide additional training months at a high level of competition.